Travelling In And Out Of The UK During COVID-19

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For some people travel is a very common thing. In businesses we often see people crossing borders from time to time to make new deals and establish new offices in different parts of the world. But now we’re in a global COVID-19 pandemic, there are lots of restrictions, warnings and other factors to consider when travelling abroad. How can we protect ourselves when we travel to other countries, and what measures are in place to ensure when we return we aren’t bringing the disease in with us?

For months now there have been quarantine restrictions on travellers from certain foreign countries, particularly in hard hit areas like Spain and Italy, which mean people must self isolate for ten or even fourteen days after returning. These guidelines change almost on a weekly or even daily basis as experts monitor the situation and keep track of the way cases of COVID-19 are unfolding. Whether the country you are going to is experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 or not, it’s important to note that your travel plans can be disrupted or modified by new guidelines seemingly at any time, particularly if you’re spending multiple weeks abroad.

Protecting yourself when you’re off on your travels is also a big concern. Not everywhere is offering free sanitiser, and that’s why companies like us are here to help. You may remember that taking liquid bottles onto the plane has been a little difficult since restrictions on liquids allowed onto the plane came into place in the last decade. This means that your hand sanitiser bottles must be below 100ml or they might not allow them to be brought in your hand luggage. Fortunately our company carries these smaller bottles, so you can continue to stay clean on the plane.

If you are travelling on any plane, train, or even a coach, you should wear a mask or face covering in order to prevent the spread of the virus by air droplets from you, or from droplets from other people. As well as this, you should always consider the surfaces you are touching. Ticket machine buttons, luggage trolley handles, door handles, the list goes on and on. Avoid touching your face and make sure to keep using hand sanitiser as you move between places. It’s always important to remember that washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of if not the best way to kill viruses like COVID-19 and other germs that you may have encountered on your journey.

Another very obvious issue when travelling is how you feel. If you feel as though you’re not in shape to travel, for any reason that may point to illness, the best thing is to stay at home, and even self-isolate if you feel like you may be coming down with Coronavirus symptoms, just to be sure. If you are abroad and are starting to feel unwell after a few days, you may have to go into quarantine when you return to the UK. As always, check for further instructions, particularly on air travel, and stay informed as things are often subject to change.

As we continue to see cases popping up around the world and the back and forth of travel continuing in spite of the pandemic, it becomes even more important to carry some form of sanitiser with you, particularly if you are moving long distances using public transport. That’s why we have made a whole range of small to large sanitisers available via our store. If you’re travelling abroad, or within the UK, for any reason, you might want to consider getting equipped to stay safe, especially at times when social distancing becomes difficult or you are in contact with things other people may have touched. Have a look at our full range on the store for more product information.

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